How To Make A Bold Decor Statement In Small Bedroom

So you have a small bedroom but a vivacious personality.  Well then, start your day waking in a small bedroom that makes a bold decor statement.  Here are five elements you can use.

  • Invest in a dynamic piece of art. Hang it strategically behind a bed, next to it or even an empty side wall.
  • Accent a wall with a modern grand-sized mural.  Paint it yourself, get someone else to do it or apply the stencil yourself.  (It’s easier than you think.)
  • Paint an accent wall.  It’s a tried and true and cheap. Just be sure to use a vibrant color!
  • Add textile that has large commanding patterns.
  • Add at least one outrageously, gorgeous statement piece, such as a chair, a lighting fixture, a rug, a sculpture.

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If the expense of a dynamic painting is out of the question, you can use a folding screen.  Many are available with contemporary city scenes, over-sized portraits and wild life animals.   See my post on A Case For Divider Screens: Five Great Reasons.

source source

When the word “mural” is mentioned, often images of an idyllic pastoral scene comes to mind.  But thankfully, the concept of a mural has been reinterpreted for modern life styles, and excitingly so, such as this gigantic rose and the soft undulating mountains in shades of grays and blues in the following image.

source source source source

Of course, an over-sized world map on an accent wall grabs attention here.  So too does the modern light fixture.  Its straight-line design is emphasized in an overly-extended pole arm and semi-round metal light, almost comically, positioned over the bed.

source source

This vibrant Caribbean blue accent wall really pops contrasting with the white, white walls and white accents.  I love how the blues in the painting, the jug, the bed cover and the chair extends the accent wall color.  This is really tiny bedroom with a big feel.

source source

Again, here a rich coral wall pops when contrasted with the white tufted bed, chandelier, side table and window frame and door.  The neutral cable knit throws and wood flooring cools the whole color scheme just enough to keep you from visually floating away.

source source

Afraid to use dark walls in a small room?  Don’t be, it a decorating myth that long ago should have been abandoned.  Dark walls, particularly when contrasted with lots of bright accenting elements, in fact make a room feel larger.  Notice how all the critical pieces pop against the dark walls?

source source

Patterns such as Ikat, chevon, plaid and stripes are timeless.  When woven or printed as over-sized patterns, they make a dramatic statement

source source source source

Perhaps you are of a mind that says the more color and patterns, the better.  This small bedroom is fabulous example of how to make it work.  All the colors are vibrant and in the same value.  When mixing patterns, it can some times become too busy.  Give the eyes a place to rest by adding solids as well.  Here too, you can see how the repeated use of white acts as a cohesive color, keeping all of the elements together as a whole.

source source source source

In Short . . . 

Small bedrooms can be created to give a big and bold statement when using just one or all of these five elements:  color in art, on the walls and textile.  Mix up the patterns but keep everything grounded with solid colors as well.  Add at least one dramatic statement piece.

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